By accepting the quote and paying the deposit invoice you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Sale which can be viewed on our website.

This agreement is between:

“InFrame Space Ltd” – also known as “we” or “InFrame Space”

“The Customer” or “you” – who is the person(s), company or organisation that purchases the product(s) or service(s) from InFrame Space.

If part of the Terms and Conditions of Sale is deemed invalid, the remainder of the Terms and Conditions of Sale will continue to be valid.

InFrame Space reserve the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time.

InFrame Space’s website, brochure and relative drawings are for illustrative purpose only.

By design our system is precision manufactured, however InFrame Space cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies within a reasonable level of tolerance.

InFrame Space reserve the right to specify a like-for-like product without notice. 



All quotes will be valid for 30 days from the date of submission. After this time, InFrame Space reserves the right to re-quote the works.

Payment structure:

·      A deposit of 50% of the total agreed costs will be invoiced by InFrame Space before commencement of any work.  

·      40% payment will be due once the structure is weathertight.

·      10% final payment will be due on completion and handover.

All payments must be paid within 5 days of the invoice date or as otherwise agreed in writing. All goods remain the property of InFrame Space until the final balance is paid for in full.


Any product that has been designed and manufactured by InFrame Space which is bespoke to the Customer’s requirements are exempt from cancellation rights.

At least 21 days’ notice prior to the installation start date is required for cancellations. If the Customer wishes to cancel the order within 21 days of the installation start date, charges will be incurred.

Charges are as follows:

·      21 – 10 days prior to installation start date – 10% of total invoice.

·      Less than 10 days prior to installation start date – 50% of total invoice.

·      After installation start date – 100% of total invoice.

InFrame Space reserves the right to cancel an order at any time. If this occurs a full refund will be issued.

At least 21 days’ notice prior to installation date is required for postponements. If the Customer wishes to postpone the order within 21 days of the originally agreed installation date, a 10% fee of the total invoice will be incurred.


Planning consent is not normally required for garden rooms/outbuildings. If planning consent is required InFrame Space will submit applications on the Customer’s behalf, however InFrame Space cannot be held responsible for rejected applications.


Once a planning application has been approved, InFrame Space cannot be held liable for any comeback from the Local Authority as a result of changes made by the customer or additional costs incurred as a result of such changes; including, but not limited to, relocating the garden room.


Delays caused by the Customer that are beyond the control of InFrame Space are the responsibility of the Customer and InFrame Space reserve the right to charge the Customer for any lost time and travel costs.

Whilst we aim to do everything possible to ensure that all contracts are delivered on time, InFrame Space can make no guarantee of installation of a building by a specific date or time and cannot be held responsible for postponement or delay of works due to forces outside of our control, which may include but is not limited to extreme weather conditions, problems with access or parking, or a force majeure. Therefore, any installation timeframes provided to the Customer are an indication only and do not form part of any contract.

Should InFrame Space fall behind due to events out of our control the Customer will be informed.  However, InFrame Space cannot be held liable for any loss, damages, charges, or expenses incurred by the Customer as the direct or indirect result of any delay to the completion of works, or delay in the delivery, installation, or completion of an order. InFrame Space will not be held financially liable for return visits that may be required for any rectification works to the building, following any such delays.


InFrame Space reserve the right to change building materials or specification without prior notice. We will always endeavour to supply the materials that have been stated.


Whilst works are being carried out by InFrame Space, access to the site area is strictly prohibited to any persons other than those authorised by InFrame Space. This restriction is in place until all works are completed up to and including handover.

Materials and tools can be hazardous to anyone who is not wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) or is not correctly trained.

Customer access to site is granted where required and when accompanied by a member of the InFrame Space team.

InFrame Space cannot be held responsible for any injury caused to people or animals, or damage that may occur to the tools or materials on site if unauthorised persons enter the site area.

Sufficient work space will be required and it is the Customer’s responsibility to remove any garden items unless agreed by InFrame Space prior to installation.

In the event that the Customer prefers to take care of any site preparation requirements, these must be completed prior to the arrival on site of InFrame Space. Failure to do so will incur a minimum additional overs’ fee of 2% of the total sales cost.

InFrame Space will take every care to avoid any damage to the Customer’s property whilst on site. However, in undertaking such work, the Customer accepts that some damage may be unavoidable during installation, in particular around access routes and the surrounding works area. Therefore, InFrame Space cannot be held liable for any such unavoidable damage.

InFrame Space cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen or unknown obstructions that may arise once works have commenced.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the works area is safe. InFrame Space reserve the right to withdraw its employees from site if the working conditions are deemed unsafe in accordance with current Health and Safety regulations.

InFrame Space will install fittings or appliances supplied by the Customer, upon the agreement and discretion of InFrame Space and only once the costs have been quoted and invoiced for immediate payment. 

It is the responsibility of the Customer to provide any parking permits that may be required.

InFrame Space will require access to water and electricity.


Where InFrame Space has completed a full external connection of power, a Part P certificate will be issued to the Customer once the balance has been paid in full.

Where a full connection has not been made, readings are available on request. It is the responsibility of the certified electrician completing the full connection to certify the electrical works.

Where it has been agreed that InFrame Space is to complete a connection of an existing cable or of a cable to be supplied by the Customer, the Customer is required to run the cable from the property’s main fuse board to the garden room site and must ensure that there is an excess of at least 10 metres of cable reaching the site. InFrame Space will not complete any of the works to run the cable, including clipping the cable to any boundary/wall/fence, unless this has previously been stated or agreed. Should the Customer request that such work is carried out this will incur additional fees, which will be quoted for and invoiced for immediate payment.[TLL8] 

Site inspections of the Customer’s current consumer unit and any existing armoured cable is visual only and is based on the Customer’s electrical supply being compliant with current building regulations. Should our qualified electrician find that any electrical hardware is not compliant or fit for purpose, for any reason, then the electrical installation will be subject to additional overs’ fees. The Customer will be advised of the rectification works required and these works will be quoted for and invoiced for immediate payment.

InFrame Space reserve the right to cancel an electrical installation should the current electrical installation be deemed unsafe, non-compliant or not fit for purpose. Any cancellation leading to delays in the garden room installation will incur a postponement fee of 10% of the total sales cost, which will be invoiced for immediate payment. 

To ensure all safety regulations are met, InFrame Space reserves the right to make any changes to electrical product specification or services. If any such changes are required, the Customer will be informed and advised of any associated costs before the relevant works are carried out.

The functionality or suitability of any Wi-Fi powerline adapter, such as the TP home plug solution or other specified solution is not guaranteed by InFrame Space. The liability of InFrame Space for any internet or communications device or service is limited only to the value of that specific unit, as detailed in the Customer’s sales order. 


Whilst the steel frames used in our garden rooms are not subject to shrinkage, NHBC (the UK’s leading independent provider of warranty and insurance for new homes) recognises that plaster finishes are subject to “some minor cracking (which) can occur due to differential movement of materials and temperature fluctuations”. The Customer is recommended to fill and sand these settlement cracks which are not covered under guarantee. Plaster cracking over 2mm wide, however, is covered under the first year of your guarantee.

During the plaster drying process, the Customer is responsible for ensuring that the building is well ventilated to avoid cracking or moisture retention. Should this occur due to the room not being well ventilated during the plaster drying process, InFrame Space will not be liable for any resulting cracking or moisture retention.


The terms of your guarantee are as follows:

·      25 years structural (including rot and corrosion).

·      10 years window and door profile.

·      5 years glazing.

·      20 years roofing.

Guarantee excludes normal wear and tear and decorated surfaces. No guarantee will be made against scratches or imperfections in/on the glass once the sign-off of the building inspection has been completed. Any door adjustments required are also not covered under guarantee.

Additional exclusions: internal linings and trims, floor coverings, internal accessories, blinds, electrical installations, and appliances, including underfloor heating and air conditioning units, electrical and network connections.

External cladding is not covered under guarantee. Wood is a naturally occurring product and may have inherent defects such as knots and splits[TLL12] . The colour may naturally fade over time and it is recommended that any cedar cladding is regularly treated.

No guarantee will be made for materials, appliances or services supplied by the Customer to be installed by InFrame Space.

No guarantee will be made for any issues that arise from a base that has not been installed by InFrame Space.

Unless subsidence is caused by the negligence of InFrame Space during installation, it shall not be deemed liable for subsidence to the garden room or of the surrounding installation site.

The guarantees are void if the space is utilised for accommodation without the correct permissions from the local authorities.

Please contact InFrame Space within 24 hours of the discovery of a fault. Failure to report a fault immediately may invalidate your guarantee. Once agreed, a maintenance team will be dispatched to remedy the issues free of any charge. InFrame Space will not reimburse payments made to third party repair contractors without prior written consent.

Your guarantee will be invalidated if any structural alteration is made to the building by the Customer or a third party employed by the Customer. Any related remedial works will then become chargeable to the Customer.

If the Customer is deemed to be responsible for any faults to the building, including failure to maintain the garden room (please see ‘Maintenance Recommendations’ below), all costs associated with remedial works will be charged to the Customer.

InFrame Space’s liability shall not exceed the total purchase value of the of the product. In taking any steps it deems necessary to rectify any issues, InFrame Space shall be entirely discharged of liability under this guarantee.

InFrame Space are covered by liability insurance of up to £5 million.


To make the best of your InFrame Space garden room and ensure all guarantees remain valid, we recommend the following:

·      Our aluminium doors come with trickle vents as standard. We strongly recommend that the vents are left open to maintain constant ventilation of the building to avoid condensation.

·      Our Thermosphere heaters come with thermostatic controls and we recommend a minimum temperature of 12 degrees is maintained throughout the year. This creates optimum climatic conditions when coupled with adequate ventilation.

·      The Customer is responsible for inspecting roofs and gutters and clearing them of any debris at least twice a year.

·      To avoid moisture being trapped underneath the garden room, and vegetation and weeds coming into contact with and possibly invading the building, an air gap must be maintained at the sides and rear of the building and be clear of any obstacles. If remedial works are carried out and any defect is discovered because of a failure to maintain a clear area around the building, the Customer will be charged for the cost of the works.

Failure to properly maintain the garden room as indicated will invalidate the guarantees.


Nothing contained in these Terms and Conditions shall be considered to limit or exclude the liability of InFrame Space for death or personal injury as a result of InFrame Space’s negligence or that of its employees or agents.

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