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Yoga is one of, if not the, most popular exercise in the world. Used by everyone, from bodybuilders to people just beginning their fitness journey, the mental and physical benefits of doing this exercise are huge.

If you’re looking to get into yoga, or you’re an instructor wanting to hold your own classes, having a spot in your own home where you can drown out exterior noise, get the temperature just right, and provide a calming environment from which you can enjoy your session, is a huge plus.

At InFrame, we can build garden yoga studios that are big enough to hold large classes to multiple yogi, or something much smaller or personal where you can go through the different asanas alone without any distractions.

Every one of our bespoke garden rooms is built with the highest quality materials, including insulation that ensures you can use the building all year round, timber boards which drown out any unwanted noise, and if wanted, large bifold windows so you can really enjoy the warmth of the sun while performing your yoga positions.

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create a peaceful place

Performing yoga allows you to wipe the anxiety from your body. In your own private studio, you can work out how you like, whether alone or with a group. You can go at your own pace and drown out exterior noise, making it the ideal peaceful space for you.

personalise your space

Having your own space means you can do with it what you wish. Want to paint the walls? Add speakers for relaxing music? This is your own private room and you can make it perfect for your yoga sessions.

Add Value

When you come to sell your home, if you can offer a bespoke yoga studio that allows the owner to put on classes and more from their own garden, it's sure to be a huge selling point.

SAVE YOURself time

If you are trying to make it to the studio in rush hour traffic, you could be spending hours getting to and from your class. With a yoga studio in your garden, the commute is simply a few seconds walk.

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Yoga is a really accessible exercise. All you need is a mat, a room, and some knowledge of the different positions and you’re good to go.

For instructors and enthusiasts alike, having a private space in your own back garden where you can practise yoga at your own pace in comfortable surroundings is sure to enhance the calming, stress-busting benefits that this exercise creates.

You don’t want to be trying to zone out and slow things down in a noisy gym, and you don’t want to feel stressed due to being stuck in traffic on the way to the class, so save yourself all of the hassle of heading out and create the perfect spot to get zen in your home.

And that’s not the only benefit:

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no matter size yoga studio you are looking for, we can build it

Our garden buildings come in various sizes, meaning if you have a small garden, one which bends or has many corners, or you have a huge amount of space, we can design, build, and install the perfect garden room for you.

As well as our wide selection of standardised buildings, we have the ability to work with you to build a garden room that is custom-made to your specific needs, no matter the shape, height, or size. 

This means if you want a personal, cosy garden yoga studio just for personal use, we can help. Alternatively, if you want to hold classes and need something much larger, we can be on hand to build you the perfect garden building also.

Our quality steel frame garden buildings are built to last and with you in mind, so why not get in touch today and let us bring your ideas to life.

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