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Exercise from the comfort of your home with your own home gym. Whether it is a Peleton room, yoga studio or a space for your free weights, you can rest assure that our high quality garden gyms are built to last.

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Whether it is the height of summer, or the middle of winter, we use only the best materials to ensure your garden gym is well insulated and comfortable.


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We use the highest quality materials to provide high strength, beautifully finished Gyms

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We tailor our garden gyms precisely to you.
Everything, from design to materials, is customised to match your unique style and needs.

This personalised approach ensures that the garden room is a true reflection of your individuality.

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Why not book a show site visit at one of our luxury garden rooms in London or Surrey.  We will be happy to schedule a convenient time for you to experience one of our beautifully finished garden rooms firsthand and discuss your requirements in detail.

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A comfortable place to exercise

Some people feel anxious about gyms, or don't like people seeing them when working out. A garden gym provides a comfortable, private place to exercise in peace.

No More gym commutes

When time is of the essence, a long commute is a clear reason not to head to the gym. With a gym in the garden your commute is mere seconds, meaning less time spent travelling.

Add Value

A garden gym should be seen as a great investment, as adding one of these to your home is a real selling point when it comes to marketing your home.

Reach Your Fitness Goals

It can be hard to achieve your fitness targets when you struggle to get to the gym, but with your own workout zone in your garden, there are no excuses.


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Steel Framed Garden Rooms

Steel Framed Gym
  • 25 year warranty
  • Strong and durable
  • No rot, no movement, no deterioration
  • Sustainable and fully recyclable
  • High ROI
  • Lasts a lifetime


Firstly, this is your space, and you can do with it just as you please. Our garden rooms are large enough to fit a range of equipment in, so what you fill it with is up to you.

Whether you’re training for a marathon and putting the hours in on a treadmill, or you’re a bodybuilder wanting to lift some weights, you can do just what you want.

And there’s no waiting around for machines as this gym only has one occupant, you!

You can also skip costly membership fees, which when paying monthly can soon rack up. This is your own personal gym, meaning you workout to your own rules. There’s no opening or closing times or maximum capacities. Work out when you want to, in your own time, with the freedom of your own exercise space.

Steel Frame Garden Gyms

Why Would You do it any other way?

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Our Garden Rooms come in various sizes, meaning you can have a small exercise space, which is perfect for single person workouts, or a larger annex which provides enough space for a whole family.

As well as our wide selection of standardised gym buildings, we can work with you to build a garden room that is custom-made to your specific needs, no matter the shape, height, or size. 

“Your dream gym, realised”

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7 Safety Considerations For A Garden Room Gym


When it’s icy and cold, the last thing you want to do is go outside and do a workout in your garden gym! The good news is every gym space we sell is insulated and made from the best quality materials.

If you want a little extra heating in your gym, our standard wall mounted heater can help you warm up as you keep fit.

As a garden gym is a permanent structure, you want to make sure you put it in the right spot! Here are our tips for the perfect gym placement.

Make sure you put your garden gym on flat, dry, level ground. Otherwise, you may need to level out the space before installing your gym.

Ensure you can get to your home gym space easily. You don’t want to be tripping up over plants and hedges! High-quality outdoor lighting can be a good investment if you like to use your gym at night.

Consider your neighbours. You don’t want to disturb them while you’re using your garden gym and similarly, you don’t want them to disturb your gym workout either.

Finally, think about where your garden gym will sit in location to the sun to ensure a perfect workout all year round. The last thing you want is to get overly hot or get the sun in your eyes when you’re halfway through your gym session!

Most of the time, you won’t need planning permission for a home gym in your garden as it is a permitted development.

However, you may need planning permission if your outdoor gym will be over a certain height or size, or if you live in a listed building or conservation area.

We offer a wide range of garden rooms, meaning you can choose the right size gym to avoid obtaining planning permission. This means you save time and can start planning your dream garden gym sooner.

We always recommend contacting your local council to find out more about permitted development and planning permission before you start any construction.

You’ll need to consider how much equipment you have and how large the equipment is before you buy your gym. You’ll need to make sure there is plenty of space between each piece of equipment too; you don’t want to be climbing over machines to complete your workout

We recommend measuring your existing gym equipment or finding measurements online. You can then plan how you will lay out your gym and how big your garden gym will need to be to fit all your machines in.

If you were worried about head height, why not think about positioning a roof window above your bike or treadmill to give that extra little height.

Unless your equipment doesn’t run off the mains, you’ll need plenty of electric sockets to accommodate your garden gym equipment.

We have fully certified electricians who will install your electric to your new garden gym They will be able to advise how many outlets you’ll need in your garden gym and whether you need to extend your home’s electrical circuit to accommodate them.

All our electrics are issues with a Part P certificate.

Yes you can! If you like listening to Spotify or watching Netflix while working out, extending the Wi-Fi to reach your outdoor garden gym is a must.

Your Wi-Fi signal will not be as strong in the gym as it is in your home as your walls and door block the signal.

This is why we run an external armoured CAT 6 data cable to your garden room so there are no disruption to your internet access.


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A range of Pre-designed rooms & Bespoke Solutions

  • Our tried and tested InFrame range comes in a range of shapes and sizes
  • Wide portfolio of Offices, Gyms, Cinemas, Games Rooms and Bars
  • A large portion of our work is fully bespoke projects – anything is possible