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7 Safety Considerations for a Garden Room Gym

If you’re sick and tired of long commutes to the gym, expensive memberships, and busy equipment, then a garden room gym is the ideal solution for you.

This is a convenient, versatile, and private bespoke space tailored towards you and your workout needs.

The choice of equipment, décor, and more is all on you, and this also means safety considerations also fall into your lap.

A garden room gym is a great place to work out, but only if it’s safe.

Here at InFrame Garden Rooms, we love seeing people making the most of the garden gym that we’ve installed and want all of our customers to enjoy it in a safe way.

That’s why we’ve created this guide on seven safety considerations for your garden room gym, and how you can ensure it’s always the perfect environment for a workout.

Let’s take a look.

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Safety Considerations for a Garden Gym

Make Sure There is Enough Space

The first thing to consider is do you have the right amount of space to have clearance for all equipment and workouts that you have planned.

To perform exercises with the correct form, you may need a lot of space, and accidents can happen if things are too tightly placed together.

Exercises often contain quick motions, and the last thing you want are obstacles that may get in the way, as they won’t just slow down the progress of the exercise, but they could also lead to injury.

When you’re surrounded by heavy weights, the last thing you want is to knock something over, so always plan your garden room gym design so that you have plenty of space to travel in (without trip hazards) and make sure equipment is always placed apart.

Add Some Non-Slip Flooring

We just mentioned the fast movements that accompany many exercise routines, and this is a big reason why non-slip flooring is essential.

You need something that provides traction so that you don’t fall over whilst exercising.

In a private space such as a garden gym, you often work out alone, and therefore if you fall over, you could get an injury and not be found for a while (especially when carrying heavy weights).

Your floor should also contain good shock absorption qualities so it can withstand weights landing on it without cracking.

A worthwhile addition are some exercise mats which can make many exercises more comfortable, provide great non-stick qualities, and add a layer of protection to your floor.

Keep Your Equipment Well Maintained

One of the biggest hazards in a gym is the equipment.

Whilst in a workout, if someone goes wrong and the machine breaks in any way while you’re using it, it could cause injuries, so they must be regularly checked to make sure they are performing to a high standard.

Some things to keep an eye out for are loose bolts, frayed cables, or other worn-out parts.

If these aren’t regularly inspected and repaired or replaced when needed, they could snap or come loose whilst in the middle of a workout and this should always be avoided.

It’s always a good idea to check the manufacturers guidelines to see the exact way to keep your equipment well maintained and if you’re unsure, seek professional help.

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Get Your Electrics Signed Off

Electrics play a big part in a garden room gym.

From televisions and sound systems to treadmills and other equipment, there will be a lot of power going into your room.

While your installation should contain electrics (at InFrame we have certified electricians who ensure a complete job is done and everything is safe for use) it is wise to regularly inspect your outlets and equipment.

Faulty electrics can lead to fires and more, so it’s never good to neglect them.

If you have wires across your walkways, try and keep these tidy, and any water spillages must be sufficiently dried and kept away from electrics as much as possible.

Give Clear Instructions

When working out, having proper instructions on how to use your equipment is vital.

In a garden room gym, you probably won’t have trainers who can give you a tutorial on how to properly perform exercises and use the equipment.

Therefore, you will have to learn it yourself.

With most equipment, there should be an instruction manual which showcase how to set it up properly, and how to perform exercises on it in the correct form to maximise effect and avoid injuries.

Working out with the wrong form over time can lead to issues, so it’s best to keep the instructions around and keep referring to them whenever you’re unsure.

They should also contain emergency procedures in case anything did happen.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Speaking of emergencies, if something does go wrong in your garden room gym, you should have the right medical equipment to be able to minimise the damage.

This could be to yourself or the garden room and can range from something small to a major incident.

While accidents do happen and some are unavoidable, there are ways you can minimise the effects, such as always having a first aid kit handy.

We mentioned earlier that you may well be working out alone, so try and keep a phone in your garden gym just in case you need to get in touch with anyone.

It’s also worth adding a carbon monoxide and smoke alarm.

These small items can have a big effect if called upon so they should never be forgotten about.

Add Plenty of Ventilation

Workouts can get a bit hot, and overheating can happen if you don’t have sufficient airflow and ventilation.

It’s a great idea to add fans inside your garden gym and also to have windows that you can open when things get a bit hot and stuffy.

If your gym is insulated, why not looking into installing a temperature control system such as air conditioning which will allow you to always work out in a temperature comfortable to you.

Remember, this is your private gym, and one of the benefits of having this in your garden is that you can choose the environment and set it to be how you would like.

If you ever feel uncomfortable, or you are too hot and things are becoming difficult, having a way to let some fresh air and release some heat is very important and will mean your workout can continue.

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Garden Gyms from InFrame Garden Rooms

Garden room gyms are ideal for private workouts (and public ones sometimes) that are convenient and tailored only to you and your needs.

If you follow the advice in this blog, you’re sure to have a safe and secure environment for you to exercise and more.

Want to know more? Then why not get in touch with our team today.

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