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Enhance your living space and property value with a garden annex solution while avoiding the challenges of traditional extensions.

This innovative approach offers a practical and cost-effective way to upgrade your home without the stress of relocation or major renovations.

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Benefits of Having a Garden Annex

Choosing to invest in a garden annex comes with many benefits that caters to various needs. 

1. Property Value Appreciation

Adding a high-specification garden annex can significantly increase the value of a UK property. The versatility and extra living space it provides are highly desirable features for prospective homebuyers.

2. Versatility and Functionality

An annex can serve as a guest room, workspace, or living area. By creating a clear separation between professional and personal life, it offers a more balanced work-life experience.

3. More living space

Homeowners can gain more space with a garden annex without the upheaval and expense of a loft or rear extension, which can be very costly and disruptive to the family. This is particularly beneficial when space in your home is limited.

4. Family Support

Being close to family significantly enhances the well-being of elderly members. They can easily access emotional support, companionship, and help with daily tasks. This support network can profoundly impact their quality of life.

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A walkthrough of a stunning bespoke garden room annex in Walton on Thames

Less disruption than an extension

If you are looking to add additional space to your home without the upheaval and cost of an extension then a steel framed garden annex is a great option.

With minimal disruption to your home life and a lightning quick installation all you need to do is decide is what you would like your annex to contain:

Kitchen | Bathroom | Washroom | Additional Storage | Flush Threshold

InFrame Offers The Following for all their garden spaces

Design Support  to help you make the most of your additional space

25 year structural warranty – Rest easy knowing you’re covered for 25 years

20-Year Roofing System Guarantee –  for even further piece of mind

…and many more extras included as standard:

Karndean Flooring | Smart Heating System | All First Fix Electrics and Connections | Internal and External Lighting | Recessed Plug Sockets | USB Sockets | Spot Lights | Grade A timber cladding | Zero Maintenance Cladding Options 

Additional upgrades available

Composite Cladding | Wise Smart Switches | Internal Partitions | Roof Lights | Kitchen and Bathroom Options

Annex toilets and shower Rooms

3D Visuals of your garden Annex

Our experts can provide you with a comprehensive design pack that is tailored to your garden and lifestyle. Sit back and relax while we take care of everything.

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We use the highest quality materials to provide an all-year Round ANNEX

Our experienced designers focus on what you want from your annex and have designed all of our garden buildings to be packed with features, comfort, and warmth.

Every garden annex from Inframe is built to last and provide a cosy place to relax throughout the year. 

Even in the height of winter when snow is falling inside, our superior insulation that is applied to all sides of your annex is sure to keep you feeling nice and warm.

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Garden Room Kitchen
Panoramic Garden Room

Luxury Show Sites Throughout London, Hampton and Surrey

Why not book a show site visit at one of our luxury garden room Annexes in London or Surrey.  We will be happy to schedule a convenient time for you to experience one of our beautifully finished garden rooms first-hand and discuss your requirements in detail.

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There are many ways adding a garden annex can benefit your home life.

It provides a place for someone to live, with their own kitchen and bathroom. This makes it ideal for elderly relatives who may need somewhere to stay, or makes the ideal spot for children to have a space of their own when returning from university.

An annex can work as an apartment right in your garden, with all the comforts needed to get a good nights sleep, a wash, and have something to eat. 

This makes it the ideal way to host guests, and even could become a business prospct on a website such as AirBnB.

As the prices for things such as loft extensions get higher and higher, having a garden annex is a cost-efficient way of adding more living space to your home.

Additional living space in your home

If you need to care for elderly relatives permanently, but don't have the space in your property, then our Granny annex is the perfect solution.


When you have people over, for a weekend, provide them with their own space where they can stay comfortably.

Add Value

A garden annex should be seen as a great investment, as adding one of these to your home is like adding an extension, and is proven to increase the value of your property.

Create a New Business Opportunity

An annex provides everything anyone will need to stay. From kitchens to bathrooms, you're sure to have plenty of interested guests if you use it as holiday accomodation.

design range

View our Garden Room design range


Our garden rooms annexes come in various sizes, Compact, Spacious and Two Room meaning you can have a small space, which is perfect for placing a gym or a larger two room garden annex which provides enough space to live in.

As well as our wide selection of standardised buildings, we can work with you to build a garden room that is custom-made to your specific needs, no matter the shape, height, or size. 

The best garden room annex is the room that does what you need it to, and that’s why we have a range of offerings. We can provide open plan studio style garden buildings packed with features, or something much more simplistic and subtle. Our quality garden rooms annexes are built with you in mind, so maximise your garden (and home) space with an annex today.


What is a garden Annex ?

A garden annex is a self-contained living space located within a garden, providing additional accommodation separate from the main house. It typically includes living areas, bedrooms, and sometimes kitchen facilities.

What is a garden Annex ?

Building an annex in your garden is possible, but it must align with UK planning laws. Before starting construction, consult your local planning department to understand the regulations and secure the required permissions.

How much does an annex cost?

The cost of building an annex in your garden varies. Factors include size, materials, and location. It’s recommended to obtain quotes from contractors and factor in planning fees to determine the overall cost accurately.

Can an Annex be craned in ?

While it’s technically possible, craning a garden annex into a back garden involves many logistical challenges. In London and the surrounding areas there are issues with crane reach, closing roads and weather interference. We are able to carry our steel frame though side or rear entrances, or though the house.

is my garden suitable for an annex ?

Determining if your garden is suitable for a granny annex involves assessing factors like space, accessibility, and local planning regulations. We can conduct a site visit to ensure your garden is suitable.

what size annex can i have ?

The size of an annex in the garden is subject to local planning regulations. Consult with your local planning authority to understand specific size criteria and obtain guidance on the permissible dimensions for an annex in your garden.

can i use my garden annex for childminding ?

Using your garden annexe for childminding is possible, but it may require additional considerations and compliance with childcare regulations. Check with local authorities to ensure that your plans align with legal requirements.

do i pay council tax for my garden annex?

Council tax for a garden annex depends on its use. If it’s for family members, it may be exempt. If rented out, council tax may apply. Check with your local council to determine the specific tax implications for your garden annex.

how do i get planning for my annex?

To get an annex in your garden approved, follow local planning regulations, submit a comprehensive planning application, and ensure your design complies with specific criteria. Consult with your local planning authority for guidance throughout the approval process. We provide an in-house design and planning assessment and application.

how to i build an annex in my garden?

To build an annex in your garden, follow these steps:

Check local planning regulations

Obtain necessary permissions

Hire a reputable contractor

Plan the layout

Choose suitable materials

Ensure compliance with building codes.

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