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What We Need to Do Ahead of Your Garden Room Installation

With every garden room installation we undertake, there are many key stages. 

There is the initial consultation period, which is where we get to know you and your needs and decide what type of garden room would be best for you. 

We then move onto the design stage, where your garden room is bought to life by our talented team of architects and designers

After this, we are ready to go, and once you are happy with the planned design, the build can go ahead. 

While the anticipation and excitement of having your very own garden room is huge, there is another stage before we begin to build. 

The preparation stage. 

This is a vital period, and there are many things that need to prepared.  

We want you to know everything about our process, and that’s why we’ve created this guide on just what takes place during the preparation stage. 

Let’s take a look. 

Clearing the Space for Your Garden Room

A garden can be a tricky place to install a big structure.  

With many different obstacles such as uneven ground, overgrown bushes and trees, and awkward shapes to cope with, one of the trickiest part of design and installation is simply making the garden room fit. 

The ground that we are building the garden room has to be just right. If every precaution isn’t taken, it may lead to issues when installing the structure and also when it is built. 

We always make sure we have soft ground that is level (to within 50mm) across the full area on which the garden room is set to be built.  

This soft level ground is often provided by the customer.

We also like to spread this soft level ground an extra metre around the garden room area (if space permits). This will help us when installing the garden room and provide easier access to the building. 

While soft level ground is preferred, we can also work with existing concrete bases in situ if they are not raised from ground level. When we assess the site, we will be able to consult with the customer to check the conditions and advise on the best way forward.

Once we have the perfect plot of land to build on, we need to make sure it is entirely clear, and this is where you come in.

Any previous structures such as sheds or pergolas need to be removed safely before we can build. You may also need to cut back any shrubs that are within one metre of the garden room area.  

Not just on the sides, but also on top. As our workers need access to the roof of the garden buildings, any shrubs or trees that overhang the proposed garden room and are under 4.5 metres from ground level have to be removed so we can perform a successful operation. 

Once these steps are all done, we can class the area as ready for installation. 

Gaining Access to Your Garden

Once a date is set for the work to begin and we are happy the space to build is ready, we need to organise the logistics of our workers getting into your outside space.  

We need regular access throughout the duration of the build. 

Depending on the size, a garden room can take several days or weeks to build, so we must be able to get onto the site at any time, even when the homeowner isn’t in if you’re comfortable with this. 

So, what do we need? 

Well, firstly, our team need somewhere we can park near your home from which we can transport our equipment daily. If parking permits are needed we would need these before starting so that we can easily park up near the site. 

Once parked up, we will need a clear run through to the access point. Any obstacles could lead us to damage our equipment or even lead to injury, so we ask that access is cleared. 

Co-ordinating access can be tricky, so one thing that we find works really well with many clients is to provide something like a lock box, gate codes, or gate keys.  

This means that we won’t have to contact you every time we need to enter your garden and will save you journeys back home to let us in. 

steel frame garden room being built

Garden Room Electric Set-Up

At InFrame, we have a specialist team of electricians who are happy to handle all work in this category for you. 

This involves undertaking all of the electrical work inside your home in preparation for hooking up the garden room.  

We use heavy duty SWA (steel wired armoured) cable to connect your garden room to your main dwelling, and we are more than happy to install this, making sure it is well hidden and not looking unsightly in your garden. 

Our team is NICE certified and are packed with experience in carrying out this kind of work, but we understand that sometimes customers would like to use an external team. 

If this is the case, we ask that the electrical work is completed ahead of the installation so we can get the electrics into the garden building and working as soon as we are ready. 

What We Ask from You

We love getting to know our customers and delivering a garden room they desire.  

While we don’t ask a lot from you after the consultation stage, there are a few little things that can really help as we undergo installation. 

When it comes to the installation area, we do ask this is kept clean and tidy. 

So if you have a four-legged friend who you like to let out in the garden to go to the toilet, try to keep an eye on them and pick up any waste left behind if possible. 

If you can keep the designated area clean and also make sure the garden is accessible, then we can cover the rest. 

Working outside, especially in them cold winter months can be tough though, so if you are around, our team of engineers never say no to a nice cup of tea and a biscuit though! 

At our Christmas party every year we do decide on our top three clients of the previous twelve months, and give gifts such as a bottle of something nice to the customers who really stood out for their generosity and helpfulness, so please don’t hesitate to offer hot drinks and more to our team. 

They always appreciate it. 

And the Final Thing

As mentioned previously, installing a garden room can take weeks, and our workers will spend many hours in your garden. 

When nature calls, we do need somewhere to go, so we will need a space outside where we can put our welfare portaloo. 

This doesn’t take up much room, but is an important part of keeping our workforce going. 

Garden Room Installation from InFrame

Every steel framed garden room we build is special to us, and that’s why we take every precaution necessary to ensure a smooth installation and a safe and healthy structure. 

Preparation is a key part of our process, and one that when done properly, can make the rest of the build much easier. 

If you are looking to add one of our steel framed garden rooms to your garden, then why not get in touch with our team today for a chat about what we can provide. 

We can’t wait to hear from you. 

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