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A Guide To Building The Ultimate Garden Bar

Garden Bars are becoming increasingly popular.

Worried you won’t be able to get a table for you and your friends at the local pub this weekend?  

With a garden bar just metres away from your back door, you won’t need to worry about queuing for those drinks and reserving those seats.

Or, if you fancy watching the football with a beer or a chick flick with a bottle of wine away from the rest of the family, a garden bar is an extra space that can fully cater to your needs.

What’s better, is having your own garden bar means it can be fully personalised to your tastes, stocked with your favourite drinks and open for business for as late as you can keep your eyes open!

Unsure where to start?

Here are some tips for creating and customising your ultimate garden bar.

Bar Designs

Are you unsure how to design the bar itself? Here are some examples of styles to get you started:

Double Bar – a drink preparation area with a separate serving area.

Full Back Bar – This gives you plenty of room to prepare drinks and you can add shelving if you need more storage.

Podium Style Bar – Can be perfectly combined with stools.

Curved Bar – A visually attractive choice.

Pull-Out Bar -This is a popular choice if you want to turn your garden room into a multi-functional space.

Add stylistic signage and your own personal touches.

The best part of having your very own garden bar is that you can customise it however you like! You could add a blackboard and chalk and draw your own designs on one of the walls. Or you could cover the room in posters of your favourite movie to really make it feel like home.

Add a Tv or Speaker System

You could add a speaker system to your Garden Bar, whether it’s to blast those summer tunes or get your friends up and doing some karaoke. Consider installing a TV for you and the lads to watch the football while having a pint – what more could you ask for?

Consider What Lighting to Use

Lighting is a key feature when it comes to giving your garden bar that personal touch.

Do you want to go for a soft and cosy look, using lamps and fairy lights to give your bar those warm tones?

Or would you prefer to have something a bit more wacky – for example, you could fill the place with LED lights in bright colours to give your bar that late night club vibe.

You could even use rope lighting above the bar area for an alternative and trendy hipster feel.

Create a Theme

If you’re stuck on where you should start when designing your garden bar, pick a theme and stick to it. You can then pick your colours and designs based on your theme and work from there. Some examples of themes to explore include:

-Cocktail Bar

-Tiki Bar

-Sports-themed bar

-Gin Bar

-Wine Bar





Upcycle – use a bookshelf – library inspired book cabinet turned minibar, convert a closet

If you’re worried about how much everything is going to cost, or simply have some furniture that needs a job, you could consider upcycling. An old bookshelf perfectly doubles up as the perfect place to display those fancy liquor bottles or your collection of pint glasses. Or why not give that old media cabinet a new life as a wine cabinet?

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