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What is the best equipment to use in your Garden Gym?

Do you enjoy working out but your busy lifestyle doesn’t allow you to pop down to your local gym?

Does the thought of waiting endlessly for machines and equipment make you want to quit fitness completely?

If this is the case, a garden gym might be for you!

Instead of working around opening times and avoiding traffic, why not have a garden gym you can pop down to any time of the day in order to have a workout tailed completely to your own needs!

Not sure where to start? Here are some examples of the best gym equipment to get you started.

Yoga/Workout Mats

A simple and cheap piece of equipment, but it shouldn’t be overlooked! A workout mat is essential for fitness fans. Whether you are a yoga and pilates enthusiast or simply trying to tone up those abs, a mat is the perfect addition to your garden gym.

Running Machine

No matter how rainy it is outside, with a running machine you can get your cardio fix no matter how poor the weather. A running machine is a perfect piece of equipment for those  of all abilities, whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey or you’re training for your next half-marathon. Running machines have a variety of inclines and speeds, meaning you can tailor your workout exactly to your individual needs.

Cross Trainer

A cross trainer puts less strain on your joints than a running machine; it is a great full body workout to get your fitness up. Why not set up a TV in your garden gym and watch your favourite Netflix show while putting your body through it’s paces.

Pull Up Bar

Steel framed garden gyms are sturdy, robust and durable. So you won’t need to worry about whether adding a pull up bar to your set up will be as problem – it won’t! Pull up bars are affordable and easy to install.

Exercise Ball

An excellent piece of equipment to have alongside a workout mat, an exercise ball is perfect for engaging your core.

Dumbbells and Kettlebells

Dumbbells and kettlebells are ideal additions to a garden gym. They come in a variety of weights and are perfect to use in your home workouts, whether you’re bicep curling or practicing your squatting techniques.

Garden Gym Rooms by InFrame

Here at InFrame, our steel framed garden rooms make the ideal structure for a home gym.

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