Solar PV

Have you considered solar PV on your garden room to power your house?

Unlike most other garden room providers, we have the ability to apply a PV solution to the roofs of our steel frame designs, resulting in a completely self-sufficient space with zero running costs.

Make up to a 20% saving on your total energy bill if you power your home from your garden room!

This is just one of the reasons why InFrame is the next step forward in sustainable garden rooms.

Talking in round numbers a 4kW (typical UK install) PV system will produce 3,600 kwh’s per year (more in the South, less in the North).

By generating your own electricity you do not need to import it from the grid. Assuming you use 50% of the generation (of course using 100% would be best) you would be saving £306 per year. If you used 80% of your generation you could save £490 per year.

As a domestic PV system owner you are also paid for the PV generation you send back to the grid, or export.

This is a deemed figure based on the assumption that 50% of the energy generation will be used in the property and 50% will be exported. This figure equates to £91 per year.

So in total you can expect to receive a financial benefit of between £550 and £800 per year depending on your energy use.

4kW PV systems currently retail starting from £5,000 installed so its easy to see how a PV system will pay for itself in well under 10 years and could be nearer to 5 with smart energy use.

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