Surbiton, Gym – Panoramic



Range: Panoramic Garden Room

Location: Garden Room in Surbiton KT6

Size: 4.9m x 3.4m

Area: 16.7sqm

Use: Garden Gym and Yoga Studio

Grandis Cladding Garden Room

Client Brief:

Our clients were looking for a space that they could use all year round as a gym and yoga studio. The desire to fully experience the beauty of the garden prompted the request for an abundance of windows and doors.

Our clients specifically wanted a durable steel core to support heavy gym equipment and weights.

The inherent structural integrity of steel makes it a robust choice for constructing a garden room. The steel frame provides a stable and secure foundation for the gym, ensuring that it can safely accommodate the dynamic loads associated with exercise equipment and activities.


We had a lot of help on this project from our fury friend Chester, who helped supervise the build.

Surbiton Garden Room

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