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Garden Room Gym


Transforming my outdoor space into a fitness haven has been an absolute game-changer! 

The fresh air, vibrant colours, and soothing sounds of nature make every workout an uplifting experience.

Welcome to our guide for the ultimate garden room gym.

Your dedicated Gym Space

From sunrise yoga sessions to sunset strength training, your garden gym is where you can find balance and push your limits. 

No need for a crowded gym when you have the beauty of blooming flowers and rustling leaves as your workout companions!

Year Round Workouts

A properly insulated gym is key to ensuring year-round comfort. By effectively regulating temperature and minimising heat loss, insulation allows you to enjoy the space regardless of external weather conditions. Whether it’s smouldering summer heat or chilly winters, your home gym will remain a space that you want to go to to workout.

Weights Gym
Weights Room
Garden Gym Annex
Treadmill and Peleton Room

Benefits of a Garden Room Gym

Investing in a garden gym offers numerous benefits for your home. Here are some key advantages

1. Savings

Firstly, you will no longer need to pay for the costly monthly gym memberships when you have your own private gym. You will also save on travel costs and travel time

2. Long term investment

A garden room gym can increase the value of your property, making it a worthwhile investment.

3. Customised

Design your gym with the equipment and layout that best suits your workout routine, whether it’s for weightlifting, cardio, yoga, or a combination.

4. Bring the family together

A home gym makes it easier for the whole family to stay active and healthy together. Create a safe and controlled environment for family members of all ages to exercise.

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Garden Room Sauna
Infra Red Sauna

Sauna Room

Integrating a sauna into your home gym can elevate your fitness routine.

  • Enhance your muscle recovery
  • Improve your circulation
  • Aids in stress relief
  • Improve skin health
  • Endorphin release
  • Pain management 
  • Arthritis relief

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A walkthrough of a garden gym in Hampton

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Heating and cooling your gym

A thermostatic smart heater represents a contemporary and effective method for warming your garden room. Control your garden room from your phone and get your gym to the perfect temperature every time. 

Add air conditioning to complete your temperate control in your dedicated spacee.


Heated Garden Gym

Add a shower Room or Toilet to your garden room gym

Creating a home gym is a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy, but why stop there? Adding a shower room to your home gym can significantly enhance your workout experience, offering convenience, hygiene, and an extra touch of luxury.

Shower and toilet in garden room
Shower Room
toilet in garden room
Toilet Room

What makes an inframe garden room

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