A Guide to Garden Room Building Regulations

Building regulations

Garden rooms come in all shapes and sizes and can be used in many different ways. 

Over the last decade, the popularity of garden rooms has skyrocketed, but there is one thing that may be putting people off.  

But not all garden rooms have to notify building control, and that’s why our team at InFrame have created this handy guide on the parameters for building regulations, and if your project will need it or not. 

Let’s take a look. 

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Garden Room Building Regulations Rules

When it comes to building regulations for your garden room, size matters.  

If you want to put up small detached buildings such as a garden room, garden office, or garden bar, building regulations would not normally apply if the building was less than 30 square metres and contains no sleeping accommodation. 

There are three key points here that you need to stick to. 

What Are You Using the Garden Building For?

Is your garden room somewhere that someone is going to live permanently, or are you using it for another reason such as a gym or office?  

If you fall into the latter category, then your garden room is not notifiable to building control based on its use.  

If it is going to be living accommodation though, building regulations will apply. A quick way of working this out is asking yourself, will someone be sleeping in the garden room? 

If the answer is yes, then your garden room is notifiable to building control for building regs approval, If the answer is no, you should be okay. 

Most garden rooms contain facilities such as a television, plug sockets, and lighting. If this is the case, these do need to be signed off to ensure the building is safe for someone to occupy. 

InFrame provide Electrical testing and Part P Electrical certification following all of our garden room installations as standard, this is carried out in-house by our NICEIC registered electricians.  

How Big is the Garden Room?

The measurements of your garden building are important and there are some rules to abide to here: 

    • If your garden room is 15 meters squared or less, then no building regulations will apply. 

    • If it is 15-30 metres squared, then no building regulations will apply as long as it is 1m away from any boundary. 

This last point is true of timber or some sips buildings, however here at InFrame we build our bespoke garden rooms with a steel-framed structure, commercial grade non-combustible construction boards, and non-combustible insulation. As we build from substantially non-combustible materials (we even have a cladding option that is non-combustible), this means you can build much closer to, or even on boundaries, should circumstances permit. 

You don’t need to notify building control for a garden room from InFrame that is between 15-30 square meters, and within 1m of your boundary as long as it is not used as sleeping accommodation. 

If your garden room is bigger than 30 square metres, they are notifiable to building control irrespective of their uses and positioning. 

How Close is the Garden Room to a Boundary?

An InFrame Garden room can be built well with 1m of any boundary up to 30sqm of floor area without any requirements for building control.  

When over 30sqm they are notifiable to building control and will be built to full new build building regulation standards and will be situated a minimum of 1m distance from any boundary. 

This also includes how far away the garden building is from your home. For example, if it is connected to your home, then this may be seen as more of an extension and building regulations will need to be adhered to. 

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How InFrame Can Help with Garden Room Planning Permission and Building Control

Installing a garden room isn’t an easy task. 

There’s the logistics of moving the materials, the design process, and of course the build. 

Having to deal with issues to do with building regulations can add to this. 

But not if you use a team like InFrame. 

Given we have in house designers, planning consultants and a wealth of construction experience we consider ourselves experts in planning, permitted development rights and building regulation requirements. 

At InFrame we understand that the planning, permitted development and building control requirements can seem overwhelming, but rest assured that our team of experts are here to help you take the stress out of your project and guide you on the best solution for your new space. 

We eliminate the necessity of notifying building control by ensuring our bespoke garden rooms, office pods, and other buildings all comply with the maximum height requirements allowed, and due to our non-combustible materials, the options on where to build and what you can build are much more flexible. 

Our steel framed garden rooms come ready to install, and with no concerns about planning permission and building regulations to worry about, you’re sure of an efficient, stress-free build. 

If you want to know more, or you want to get a quote for a garden room on your land today, then get in touch with our team


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Garden Room Building Control:

1. What is Building Control? Building Control ensures that construction projects meet safety and quality standards. It involves regulatory oversight to guarantee compliance with building regulations.

2. Is Building Control necessary for a Garden Room? Yes, in many cases. If your garden room is used for habitation, work, or leisure, it is likely subject to building regulations. Always check with your local authority.

3. What aspects of a Garden Room are regulated by Building Control? Building Control covers structural stability, fire safety, insulation, ventilation, and other factors that ensure the safety and usability of the structure.

4. How do I determine if my Garden Room requires Building Control approval? Contact your local building control department or consult with a professional architect. Regulations may vary, and it’s crucial to seek advice specific to your location.

5. Can I use a Building Notice or do I need Full Plans Approval for my Garden Room? Both options are available. A Building Notice is a simpler process, but Full Plans Approval provides detailed plans for review, ensuring fewer surprises during construction.

6. What documents are needed for Building Control approval? Generally, you’ll need detailed plans, structural calculations, and specifications. These documents help building control officers assess whether your project complies with regulations.

7. How long does the Building Control approval process take? Timelines vary, but it’s advisable to factor in several weeks for the approval process. Delays can occur, so plan accordingly.

8. Can I start construction before receiving Building Control approval? No, it is not recommended. Commencing construction without approval may result in penalties or the need for corrective measures.

9. Do I need to notify Building Control at different construction stages? Yes, some local authorities may require notifications at key stages of construction, such as foundation, damp-proof course, and completion.

10. What happens if I don’t comply with Building Control regulations? Non-compliance can lead to enforcement action, fines, or legal consequences. It’s essential to adhere to regulations to ensure the safety and legality of your garden room.

Always consult with local authorities or building control professionals to ensure accurate and up-to-date information for your specific project and location.

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