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Steel Framed Garden Room

Steel Framed and Insulated Garden Rooms

Creating the ultimate steel framed garden room

When it comes to building your dream garden room, choosing a steel frame offers many advantages over timber or SIPs. Here’s why steel frame garden rooms are the way to go!

Steel Frame
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Full Steel Core

Exceptional Strength and Durability

Steel frames provide unparalleled structural strength and resilience. Your garden room will stand the test of time, even in challenging weather conditions.

This durability ensures your space remains safe and stable, offering protection against high winds, heavy snow, extreme temperatures and other environmental stressors. Additionally, steel frames are resistant to pests such as termites and other wood-boring insects, which can cause significant damage to timber structures. By choosing a steel frame, you invest in a garden room that remains structurally sound and beautiful for years to come.


Durable, versatile, recyclable, and adaptable, light gauge steel is widely recognised for its strong construction capabilities. This material is not only robust and long-lasting, but also provides a lightweight and cost-efficient structural framing option, ideal for constructing your garden room. Steel’s characteristics contribute to its sustainability, with its durability, material qualities, and eco-friendly attributes making it a highly sustainable choice for construction projects.

25 year Guarantee

Due to its unparalleled strength and robustness, InFrame Garden Rooms can offer a 25 year steel frame guarantee. You wouldn’t see this being offered for timber or SIPS frames.

Low Maintenance

Steel frames require minimal maintenance compared to other materials. They are resistant to pests, rot, and decay, allowing you to enjoy your garden room without worrying about constant upkeep.

A1 Non Combustible Core?

Building Regulations

Regulations on the Planning Portal state that garden rooms more than 15sqm in size and positioned within 1 meter of any boundary must be constructed substantially from non-combustible materials.

A1 Non Combustible Core

Our Steel Core and build up are classed as A1 Non combustible

Build Closer To Your Boundary

With our steel core we can build closer to your boundary. With no obstruction you can make your garden room the new boundary, With obstruction we only need 400mm gap.

Steel Framed Annex
Steels for Double Office

How to Use Your Steel Framed Garden Room

Home Office: If you’re working from home, a garden room can provide a peaceful and inspiring workspace away from the distractions of the main house.

Entertainment Hub: Host gatherings and parties in your garden room. Set up a bar, lounge area, or home theater for a fun and inviting space to entertain guests.

Wellness Retreat: Create a tranquil space for relaxation and wellness activities. Add yoga mats, meditation cushions, or even a small spa for a serene escape from everyday stress.

Hobby Space: Dedicate your garden room to your favorite hobbies, whether it’s painting, crafting, or playing music. The natural light and garden views can spark creativity and inspiration.

Steel framed garden rooms are a fantastic way to add value to your home while enjoying a versatile and stylish outdoor space. With their durability, sleek design, and customisability, they offer endless possibilities for transforming your backyard into a personal oasis. Consider adding a steel framed garden room to your home and experience the joy of having a beautiful and functional outdoor retreat.

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What are steel framed garden rooms?

Steel framed garden rooms are outdoor structures that use steel as their primary frame material. They are designed to create additional living space in your backyard and can serve various purposes such as a home office, entertainment area, or relaxation spot.

What are the benefits of steel framed garden rooms?

  • Durability and resistance to environmental factors.
  • Modern and sleek design.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • Customizability to fit your preferences.
  • Eco-friendly, as steel is recyclable.

How customisable are steel framed garden rooms?

Steel framed garden rooms are highly customizable. You can choose the size, shape, and layout of the structure to suit your needs. Additionally, you can select various finishes, colors, windows, doors, and other features to match your style and preferences.

Are steel framed garden rooms weather-resistant?

Yes, steel framed garden rooms are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, wind, and snow. The steel frames are strong and durable, providing a stable and weather-resistant structure.

How long do steel framed garden rooms last?

Steel framed garden rooms are known for their longevity. With proper maintenance, they can last for decades. Steel is a durable material that resists corrosion, pests, and rot, ensuring the structure remains in good condition.

Do I need planning permission for a steel framed garden room?

Planning permission requirements for steel framed garden rooms vary depending on your location and the size of the structure. It’s best to check with your local planning authority to understand the specific regulations in your area or chat with our in-house planning experts.

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