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Teenagers Den Garden Room

Teenagers Den Garden Room

Creating the ultimate Teenagers Den Garden Room

Creating a garden games room specifically designed as a den for teenagers to hang out can be a great way to provide them with a space for entertainment, socialising and chilling.
With the help of our InFrame Design Team the hardest thing for you to do is decide how to kit out the space.

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Garden Games Room
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Garden Room Games

Creating an engaging and entertaining environment for teenagers in the Teenagers’ Den involves providing a variety of games and activities that cater to their interests. Here are some ideas for games and entertainment options:

Video Games:

    • Gaming Consoles: Provide popular gaming consoles (e.g. PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch) with a selection of games for multiplayer and solo play.
    • Virtual Reality (VR): Consider a VR setup for a more immersive gaming experience.

Table Games:

      • Pool Table: A classic game that allows for friendly competition and skill development.
      • Ping Pong Table: Ideal for fast-paced matches and active play.
      • Foosball Table: A fun and social game that appeals to a wide range of ages.
      • Air Hockey: Fast-paced and exciting, air hockey is a great addition to any game room.

Arcade Games:

    • Classic Arcade Games: Consider adding classic arcade machines like Pac-Man, Galaga, or Street Fighter.
    • Basketball Arcade: A mini basketball hoop game is always a hit with teens.

Board Games and Card Games:

    • Classic Board Games: Keep a variety of board games such as Monopoly, Risk, and Settlers of Catan for group play.
    • Card Games: Offer popular card games like UNO, poker, or card-based strategy games.

Movie and TV Entertainment:

    • Home Theater: Set up a large screen TV or projector for movie nights and streaming shows.
    • Comfy Seating: Provide cozy seating options like bean bags or reclining chairs for comfort during movie screenings.

Music and Dance:

    • Karaoke: A karaoke machine can provide hours of fun and entertainment.
    • Dance Games: Include a dance game setup for an active and social experience.

Outdoor Games:

    • Backgarden Games: Provide equipment for outdoor games like football, badminton, or volleyball.

DIY and Crafting:

    • Craft Supplies: Keep a variety of craft supplies for teens who enjoy creative projects.
    • DIY Kits: Offer DIY kits for activities like painting, building, or decorating.

By offering a range of games and entertainment options, the Teenagers’ Den will become a lively and popular hangout spot where teens can have fun, relax, and socialize with friends.

Food and Drink

We all know how much teenagers consume, so why not consider the addition of a snack bar or drinks fridge to your teenagers garden room den

Sound and vision

Sound System: Add a quality sound system for playing music or enhancing the gaming experience.

Bluetooth Speakers: Offer the option for teens to connect their own devices and play their favourite music.

Large TV or Projector: Install a large TV or projector and screen for watching movies, shows, or gaming.

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What is the Teenagers' Den?

The Teenagers’ Den is a garden games room designed specifically for teenagers. It’s a space for them to hang out, relax, and enjoy a variety of games and entertainment.

What types of games and activities are available in the Teenagers' Den?

The Teenagers’ Den offers a range of games such as video games, arcade games, pool, ping pong, foosball, and air hockey. It also includes board games, card games

Do I need planning permission for teenagers garden room den?

The short answer is not normally. But we would suggest that you check your local planning authority, or contact us today and speak with one of our planning experts.

How tall should the den be?

All standard garden rooms are built to an external height of 2.5m. At InFrame this offers an internal height of 2.1m which should be plenty of space for your garden den

Can i get wifi in the den?

All InFame Garden Rooms are provided with hard wired CAT 6 Cables allowing for internet

Can i get a toilet in the Teenagers Den ?

Yes you can. This may be a good option if your teenagers are intending on spending the night in the garden room

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