North London, Garden Room Gym – Vantage


Garden Room Composite Clad


Range: Vantage

Location: Garden Room in Finchley North London

Size: 7.6m x 4.3m

Area: 32.68qm

Use: Home Gym

Client Brief:

We are excited to share our latest project: a personalised home gym designed for dedicated workouts! Our clients wanted a fully equipped fitness space in their garden room, and we delivered a functional and stylish setup. Here’s what’s included:

Boxing Bag


Wall Pull Up

Squat Rack

Spin Bike Area

Wall Hung TV


Burnt Cedar Composite Cladding | Smoked Oak Decking

The Benefits of a North London Garden Room GYm

Creating a home gym offers numerous advantages, especially in a bustling area like North London.

1. Convenience and Accessibility

  • No Commute: Eliminate the need to travel to a gym, saving time and money.
  • Flexible Schedule: Work out anytime that suits you, fitting exercise seamlessly into your busy life.

2. Privacy and Comfort

  • Personal Space: Enjoy the privacy of your own gym, free from the distractions and crowds of public gyms.
  • Comfortable Environment: Create a workout space that’s perfectly tailored to your preferences and needs.

3. Customised Fitness Experience

  • Tailored Design: Equip your gym with the specific machines and tools that match your workout routine, from TRX systems to squat racks.
  • Versatile Use: Adapt the space for various types of workouts, including strength training, cardio, and flexibility exercises.

4. Enhanced Motivation and Consistency

  • Personal Sanctuary: A dedicated space can boost your motivation to exercise regularly.
  • Easier Integration: Incorporate workouts into your daily routine more effortlessly, leading to greater consistency and better results.

5. Health and Well-being

  • Physical Fitness: Maintain and improve your physical health with regular, varied workouts.
  • Mental Health: Exercise is known to reduce stress, anxiety, and improve overall mood and mental clarity.

6. Cost-Effective Investment

  • No Membership Fees: Save on ongoing gym membership costs.
  • Property Value: Increase the value of your home with a desirable and functional fitness space.

7. Aesthetic and Functional Appeal

  • Beautiful Design: Integrate your gym seamlessly into your home or garden, enhancing your property’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Quality Materials: Benefit from the high-quality construction and materials that ensure durability and longevity.

Transform your lifestyle with a home gym by Inframe Garden Rooms, and enjoy the countless benefits of having a dedicated fitness space right at your doorstep in North London. Ready to get started? Contact us today to bring your vision to life!

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