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Kingston – Garden-Room-Annex


Garden Room Kingston


Range: Annex Garden Room

Location: Kingston KT1

Size: 7.8m x 3.6m

Use: Professional Bakery Kitchen and Gym

Client Brief:

Our clients were looking for a space that they could use for multiple functions.

The first being a bakery room that they could create sweet treats for the family. This would include a pantry, kitchen and moveable work station.

The second was a gym area, a functional gym space for their fitness activities.

The third was a shower room for a convenient shower to complete the space

Garden Annex Kingston
Multi-Use Room
Grade A+ Cladding
Garden Room Annex Kingston
3 Fold Biford Doors
Garden Room Kingston
Inviting at night
Bespoke Kitchen in Kingston
Shower Room in Kingston
Shower Room


Kingston Garden Room - The Ultimate Multi-use space

If you live in Kingston and are looking for a multi-use space to use for your activities then look no further. 

A versatile garden room space will serve as an extension of their home, providing the perfect retreat while accommodating a range of activities.

Our cutting-edge Steel Frame Build System is meticulously crafted and produced with utmost precision, adhering to the highest standards of quality.

Steel framed garden rooms are known for their longevity.  They can last for decades, which is why we offer a 25 Year guarantee on our steel framed structures.

Steel is a durable material that resists corrosion, pests, and rot, ensuring the structure remains in the best condition.


A range of Pre-designed rooms & Bespoke Solutions

  • Our tried and tested InFrame range comes in a range of shapes and sizes
  • Wide portfolio of Offices, Gyms, Cinemas, Games Rooms and Bars
  • A large portion of our work is fully bespoke projects – anything is possible