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Epsom Garden Room Annex

Garden Room Design Epsom

Planning Permission Case Study OVERVIEW:

Range: Annex

Location: Epsom

Size: 13m x 7m

Use: Annex Room

Reason for Needing Planning Permission 

This garden room needed planning because of the size of the space.

At 91 square metres this space will house a living room, bedroom, full bathroom, kitchen and storage


Planning was submitted in May 2024 and the decision date is in 5 weeks

Proposed Elevation Garden Room
Proposed Garden Room
Front and Rear Elevation
Floor Plan
Floor Plan

CGI of the Epsom Garden Room Annex

Garden Room Planning Permissions

To obtain planning permission for an Epsom garden room, we adhered to local planning regulations and ensured compliance with all applicable rules.

Our design of the garden room aligned with local planning policies, taking into account aspects such as size, height, position, aesthetics, and effects on nearby properties.

Detailed plans and drawings, encompassing site plans, elevation drawings, floor plans, and other pertinent information, were meticulously prepared. We then submitted the planning application via the Epsom Planning Portal on behalf of our client.

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