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Garden room with shed

Garden Rooms with storage

All year round use

Want a high-quality garden room but also want the storage capacity a shed provides?

Why not have the best of both worlds with one of our bespoke garden buildings?

A garden room shed combi means you can have a fully-insulated, weatherproof living space for a home office, gym or summer house, with additional storage space attached.

No more clutter or unsightly mess in your garden or home, you’ll have all the garden storage space you need!

We manufacture and install high-quality, bespoke garden rooms with sheds all across London and the South East. Our team of experts work to your specific requirements meaning you get the best garden building around, at the right price!

Want to know more about building your own multi-purpose garden space? Then visit our homepage and discover more about our range of garden rooms, log cabins, and summer houses.

Unlike generic structures, our garden rooms with shed are designed with your specific needs and lifestyle in mind. Whether it’s an extra living space, home office, along with storage of bikes or lawnmower getting a design ensures that the space serves a unique purpose tailored to your requirements. This approach allows for a harmonious integration of functionality and beauty, creating a truly exceptional outdoor living experience.

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Fully Insulated

Steel Frame Garden Rooms with shed

Why would you do it any other way?

A garden room and shed – space for everything you need

You’ve dreamed of your own home office for ages, but you have lawnmowers, bikes and gardening tools that you need storage space for.

You don’t want a lawn strimmer propped up against the wall when you’re on a Zoom call; you want to work from home in style!

A garden room comes with a discreet shed storage area on the side. This means you can have the home office or gym you’ve always wanted, alongside storage for the items you don’t always want on display.

Our bespoke garden rooms and sheds are fully heavy-duty, constructed from high-end steel and timber, and will look fantastic all year round.

Speak to us today and find out more about the features available.

Bespoke garden room and shed combined, for all garden spaces

We offer a wide range of garden rooms with adjoining sheds for storage.

Whether you need a large garden room that the whole family can enjoy, or a compact gym space, we have garden rooms in many different shapes and sizes.

No matter how many doors and windows you need, or how large a storage area you want, we’re here to support you.

We only use the highest quality timber and steel, meaning our garden cabins can withstand any weather conditions and are guaranteed to last a long time.

Our team of experts will work with you to create the bespoke garden room with shed that you’ve always wanted.

Take a look at our website for some examples of garden rooms with storage we’ve built, or alternatively, get in touch with our friendly team.

Talk to us today, and we’ll help you create your perfect garden space!

Frequently asked questions about garden rooms with sheds

A summer house or garden office with shed attached is a fantastic way to make the most of your garden space.


A garden room with adjoining shed has many benefits. As both are joined together, you can have a building that serves two distinct purposes, without sacrificing space in your garden.

If you’re considering working from home, a garden office gives you additional floor space and means you can keep your work and home life separate.

If you want to build a garden gym, you can even use the shed storage to keep the equipment you’re not using!

You can! Our garden rooms with adjoining shed are great for people that want to work from home or are currently working from home in their house.

You can finish work for the day, walk straight into the shed and do a spot of gardening before teatime!

Yes! Our insulated garden rooms mean you can use them no matter the weather.

Of course! While this may mean you have slightly less storage space, you can still enjoy the benefits of a family garden room even if you have a small garden.

We offer a wide range of different buildings, and our team will work with you to choose the best one to fit your garden and storage needs.

Garden buildings are typically regarded as ‘permitted developments,’ so planning permission isn’t needed most of the time.

However, there may be circumstances where you need to get planning permission before construction work can start.

If you live in a conservation area or listed building, you will need to obtain permission, as well as if your garden room or shed will be over a particular height or size.

When building a garden building and shed, we always recommend contacting your local council to see if you need planning permission for your peace of mind.

It depends on the size and shape of your garden. Here are our top tips for the perfect garden room and shed placement.

Think about where your garden building will be in location to the sun. For example, let’s say you like to work from home in the morning. An east-facing garden building will provide morning sun through the windows and doors and give you that sunny feeling all year round!

Make sure your garden building and garden shed doesn’t disturb your neighbours, and conversely, make sure they don’t disturb your family! You may need to get planning permission if your garden building is too close to the boundary of the fence.

Ensure you can get to your garden room and shed easily, especially at night. Make sure there’s a clear path and install outdoor lighting to guide the way.

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