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Stepping into the teen den garden room is like entering a vibrant hub of creativity, relaxation, and endless possibilities.
The Teen Den is a dynamic space designed specifically for teenagers to unwind, study, and socialise in a unique and inspiring environment. This room blends modern comfort with stylish functionality, creating the perfect hangout spot for teens.
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Uses for a Teen Den

Entertainment Hub

Equipped with a large-screen TV, gaming consoles, and a sound system, this room is perfect for movie nights, gaming sessions, sporting fixtures


The centrepiece of the room, the pool table offers endless hours of entertainment and friendly competition. Perfect for honing your skills or challenging friends to a game.

Creative Corner

An area stocked with art supplies, musical instruments, and DIY project materials encourages creativity and self-expression

Creative Corner

A dream space for gaming enthusiasts, offering everything needed for immersive gameplay and social interactions. This room combines high-tech equipment with comfortable surroundings to create the perfect gaming haven for teenagers.

The Perfect Space to Grow

The Teen Den Garden Room is more than just a place to hang out; it’s a versatile space that grows with your interests and needs.

This dynamic room is designed to adapt to the evolving preferences of teenagers, making it a perfect sanctuary for relaxation, creativity, and socialisation.

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A Safe and Inviting Space

Parents can rest easy knowing that the Teen Den Garden Room is designed to be a safe and inviting space for teenagers. The open layout and connection to other parts of the house allow for easy supervision without intruding on the teens’ privacy. This ensures a balance between independence and security, fostering a sense of responsibility and trust.

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A teen room for your friends and family to

The Teen Den Garden Room is crafted to be a multi-functional space that evolves alongside your interests.

Our garden rooms are custom-made to be multi-functional spaces for the whole family.  

Looking for some inspiration for your new garden room? Here are a range of things our customers use their games room for:

  • Table tennis
  • Table football
  • Cue sports – adding a snooker table or a pool table is always a talking point!
  • Video games
  • Board and card games
  • Kids playroom
  • Some extend their games room so it is multi-purpose and be used as a bar, office or gym
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Luxury Show Sites Throughout London, Hampton and Surrey

Why not book a show site visit at one of our luxury garden rooms in London or Surrey.  We will be happy to schedule a convenient time for you to experience one of our beautifully finished garden rooms first-hand and discuss your requirements in detail.

A luxury garden room is a perfect way to add value to your home

InFrame Garden Rooms are the leading steel framed garden room providers based in Richmond upon Thames.

We specialise in creating beautiful, high-quality garden rooms. With a team of skilled designers and craftsmen, we work closely with our clients to create a unique and tailored garden room that meets their individual needs and style preferences.

Garden Games Room


Depending on the size of your garden, it can be as large or small as you like! Think about how many items you want in it and how many people will use it at any one time.

Remember that if your  room is over a specific height, you will need to apply for planning permission first. Contact your local council to check.

We have a wide range of custom garden rooms meaning no matter how large you need your space to be; we have the right garden room for you.

Of course you can!

Our high-quality garden rooms come fully insulated and are made from the highest quality steel. This means they’ll keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

It depends on the size of the games room you want and where you live. Most rooms don’t need planning permission as they come under permitted developments.

However, you may need permission if your garden room will be over a certain height or floor space, or if you live in a listed building or conservation area.

If you’re planning to use your gaming room as a self-contained accommodation unit, you will need planning permission. Depending on its size, you may need to pay additional council tax too.

We recommend that you get in touch with your local council’s planning department before installing your garden room to see if planning permission is required

If you plan to play your favourite video games or watch TV in your games room, you’ll need to install new electrical connections.

Our in house electricians will install your electrics as part of the build and will be able to advise the number of sockets you need. They can also let you know if you will need to extend the electrical circuit in your house.

If you have a lot of equipment in your outdoor games room, you will need to make sure it is secure.

We construct all our garden buildings from strong and durable materials that will help keep your space safe.

We advise installing your garden building in sight of your house, fitting motion-sensor lighting and keeping equipment out of sight of windows and doors when not in use.

Don’t forget to call your home insurance company to see if you need to extend your policy.

You want to make sure you put your teen ten in the right spot, as once you’ve installed it, there’s no going back! Here are our top tips.

Put your games room on dry, flat level ground with adequate drainage. Getting a good sturdy foundation is essential.

Make sure you can easily get to your games room space, especially when it’s dark. Clear a path to it and install high-quality lighting to help lead the way.

Think about your neighbours. You don’t want to disturb them while you’re playing in your outdoor games room and similarly, you don’t want them to disturb you either.

Consider where your garden room will get the best lighting and weather. Install it so it faces west if you want to enjoy the sunset while setting up your snooker table or pool table.

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