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Garden Room Ideas

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Looking for some inspiration for your garden room, then look no further. We have a selection of garden room ideas for every use.

what will you use your space for?


If you know you would like a stunning, light-filled garden building, but aren’t sure what purpose it should have, InFrame Garden Rooms got you covered!

Here are some fantastic garden room ideas to inspire you, from a home office to a garden gym.

And remember, if you’re looking for a company that can install the bespoke garden room of your dreams, we’re here to help.

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We tailor every garden room to our clients needs.
Everything, from design to materials, is customised to match your unique style.

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At InFrame, we offer a full design, supply and installation service throughout London, Surrey, Berkshire and the Surrounding areas.

We have everything from offices and high strength gyms, through to larger multi use buildings.

Thinking of an annex, entertainment area with luxury millboard decking or spas, we are here to help.

Learn more about our expert in-house teams, our passion for contemporary design, steel framed structures and our detailed process so you know what you can expect when designing and creating your stunning new garden room.

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A garden room idea that's perfect for your house

So what can you use your garden room for? Let’s find out with these garden room interior ideas: 

The perfect home office space

Do you enjoy the perks of working from home but don’t have the space in your main house for an office? A bespoke garden office may be the answer.

A garden office makes commuting a breeze – you can be at your desk in two minutes flat! You can also install electric circuits and Wi-Fi to make your home office fully functional. Some of our customers even add a kitchen so they can make tea and office in their home office without having to keep going back in the house!

Whether you need a compact office for one or a larger office for the whole household to use, a home office is a great way to free up space in your house!

A stunning summer house

If you love nothing more than a peaceful place to relax with a book and a drink, with lots of natural light, a summer house is the perfect option.

This simple garden building uses large windows and bi-fold doors to give you a stunning view of your garden. You can spend the day gardening and enjoy the fruits of your labour in your own personal garden space afterwards.

Whether you have a modern-style garden or a more traditional-style garden, we have garden rooms and green retreats to match your needs, as well as the style of your house.

And remember, most garden rooms don’t need planning permission, so your stunning outdoor living space can be up and running in a matter of weeks!

We make the perfect green retreats, so contact us today if you’d like more information.

An inspirational home gym

We see many of our garden rooms used as home gyms. If you want to work out but don’t want to commute to your local gym, this is a great option. With a home gym, you can walk from your house to your garden building!

A garden gym can contain all the equipment you need for a high-quality workout. Plus, the windows and bi-fold doors mean you can make the most of the natural light while you exercise.

A fun living room and entertaining space

Want a living space in your garden? A garden room is the ideal light-filled entertaining space!

Our garden buildings can be used to host movie marathons, gaming sessions and board game tournaments. You can even use them as home bars to celebrate the end of the working day in style! Don’t forget the plush seating area where everyone can congregate!

You can add a cooking space to your garden building or complement it with an outdoor kitchen; both choices are great if you love hosting dinner parties!

A beautiful pool house

One of the most extravagant ideas on this list, a gorgeous pool house is a wonderful addition for the house that has everything!

A pool house is a great way to cool off in the summer – perfect for kids and adults alike!

If you’re considering a pool house for your main house and garden, we will work with you to choose the right garden building for your needs.

Additional shed storage

Okay, it’s not the most inspirational item on this list, but a garden room is great if you need additional shed storage for your main house and garden!

A garden room makes for a fantastic storage space and looks nicer than many of the rickety old sheds available to buy from your local garden centre.

Want the best of both worlds? Why not have a garden room with an adjoining shed attached? You can store all your garden equipment and still have a lovely place designed for outdoor living. A garden room with shed is perfect if you have a small garden where every bit of space counts. 

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Is a garden room a good idea?

A garden room is an affordable way to create extra space and add functionality to your main house. Most garden rooms don’t need planning permission, and you can get them in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Whether you have a small garden space or a large garden space, you can find the perfect garden room for your needs.

The garden rooms we create are made from high-quality steel. This means they can withstand all weather conditions, and you can enjoy your garden room all year round.

Our team of specialists will deliver your garden room direct to your door and install it for you. Just leave the hard work to us.

Once your garden room is in place, you can decorate it how you like – let your interior design skills shine through!

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