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The Benefits of Working with a Garden Room Designer

So, you’ve decided to get a garden room on your property?

Whether you require a place to pump some iron, a quiet spot to work, or simply a place to relax, you can benefit greatly by working with a dedicated garden room designer.

Here at InFrame Garden Rooms, we offer a design service that can help you build the outdoor structure of your dreams.

But just what will a garden room designer do? And what are the benefits of using one?

Let’s find out.

What Does a Garden Room Designer Do?

There are many different processes that go into garden room design, and here are five key ones:

  1. Initial Consultation: A garden room designer will meet with you to discuss your needs, preferences, and budget. They will also assess your outdoor space and take measurements and photos.
  2. Design and Planning: Based on the ideas and vision you put across, a designer will create a plan of how he thinks the garden room should look, letting you know what materials and features will be part of it, as well as ideas on cost and timeframes and inform you of how to prepare your garden for the build.
  3. Permits and Regulations: All designers will be familiar with any issues around planning permission and building regulations and will be able to inform you of the best way to handle these.
  4. Project Management: A garden room designer will work closely with the construction team to ensure the plans are being kept to closely and also ensure that things look to be running on budget and on time.
  5. Finishing Touches: Once the construction is complete, the garden room designer can assist with finishing and decoration, including choosing the right furniture, lighting, and accessories.
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The Benefits of Using a Garden Room Designer

Now you know what a designer will do, here are ten reasons it will benefit you.

Help to Personalise Your Garden Room

A designer will work you to create something that is personalised and unique. By listening to your specific needs and preferences, you will end up with a building that is perfect for just what you need. From structure and materials, to interior layout and features, a designer will hear your ideas and help bring them to life.

Know How to Make the Most of Your Space

We operate around the Surrey and Middlesex area, and we know in many of these locations that outside space is of a minimum. If you don’t have much room in your garden, or even if you do, our design team will help to make the most of the available space and ensure that your garden room is functional, practical, and the perfect fit for your garden.

Have the Experience to Make the Right Decision

Garden room designers have been there and see it all. From huge garden rooms to small and oddly shaped ones, there aren’t many things you can throw at them that they won’t have encountered before. This means they are greatly placed to advise you on the best materials, techniques, and building practices to ensure your garden room is structurally sound, and any issues on the way can be dealt with quickly and professionally.

Know How to Stay on Budget

An important part of a garden room project is staying on budget, and a designer can help with this. Not only can they provide expertise in methods used that are cost efficient and can source low-cost materials, but they can also help to make sure everything runs smoothly and without any costly mistakes.

Help to Manage Your Project

A garden room designer can take care of all aspects of the design and build process, from planning and permits to construction and finishing. This will help to save you time and stress and ensure that your project is completed on time and to a high standard. Not only that, but they will also communicate with all parties, helping to organise timing and workflow throughout the build.

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Help You Cut Costs in the Long Run

The materials and design of your garden room can have a big effect on the amount it costs to keep it warm and light. From using bifold doors to state-of-the-art insulation, a designer will factor these into their thinking when planning your structure and ensure your energy costs stay low over the lifespan of your building.

Add Some Creative and Fresh Ideas

Something that an experienced garden room designer can bring to a project is fresh and innovative ideas. They will always be on top of new trends and styles and be able to provide some styles and layouts that you may not have known about. This can add an extra element to your design, and through things like creative lighting, custom furniture, and different finishes and build styles, you can end up with a garden room like no other.

Increase the Value of Your Property

A garden room is a great way of adding value to your home. When it is a custom-built and professionally designed garden room, the potential for a bump in value is even higher. This is because an interested buyer will see a one-of-a-kind, functional and stylish garden room, and this is sure to leave a great impression.

Have a Strong Professional Network

When it comes to sourcing materials and finding suppliers, a garden room designer will have worked with many before. This will mean that they have built up a strong network of contractors and merchants that they trust to supply high-quality materials without time delays and high costs. This can be a big bonus when completing the structure and making sure it is finished on time.

Provide Long-Term Support

After the construction is complete, you are not alone as your designer will be able to give you hints and tips on how to keep your garden room in great condition. Not only that, but if anything does go wrong, they will be ready to look into the issue and ensure a quick fix is performed. Our steel framed garden rooms are built to last, but it’s good to have the peace of mind that someone is there if you need them.

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Garden Design with InFrame

If you would like one of our professional garden room design and construction experts to come and have a look at your garden, then get in touch today.

We supply a wide range of outdoor buildings, and can help to personalise one to your tastes, leaving a functional and unique garden building for you to enjoy for many years to come.

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