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What is a Bespoke Garden Room? And How Can One Benefit You?

There are many different garden rooms available.

Big or small, square or another shape, the choice of what type of garden room you choose to install in your garden is completely yours.

Here at InFrame , we can provide a completely bespoke garden room.

This means that you will get a structure that is one-of-a-kind and completely unique to you.

But how does this process work? And what are the benefits of a bespoke garden room?

Let’s find out.

bespoke garden room

What is a Bespoke Garden Room?

A bespoke garden room isn’t your ordinary outdoor building.

The term bespoke refers to the fact that the garden room is made to order and tailored to the individual requirements of the homeowner.

Everything from the materials used and layout of the garden room to the features and décor are chosen with the function desired by the customer in mind.

A lot of different elements have to be taken into consideration when designing a bespoke garden room that is perfect for you, including the shape of your garden and the location you would like it to be, to the uses and appearance.

A bespoke garden room is a great choice if you’re looking for something unique to you where you can really showcase your personality.

They are made to serve a function in the best way possible, making them a great choice for someone with a clear vision and desire for how they want their garden room to be.

The Process of Designing Your Bespoke Garden Room

So, now you know what a bespoke garden room is, how do you go about getting one?

Well, here are five key steps on the road to getting your bespoke garden room installed.

  • Step 1: Initial Consultation – This is where we get to know you, and you get to know us. We listen to your ideas for your bespoke garden rooms. What do you require it for? What are your preferences? How much can you afford? All of these questions will be answered and at the end of this meeting, we will have a clear vision of your dream building.
  • Step 2: Site Survey – Once we know the uses and requirements for your garden room, we will come and take a look at your outside space. This will help us decide on the best location for your building, taking into account the area it will need, as well as elements such as natural sunlight.
  • Step 3: Concept Design – This is where our design team go away and come back with a stunning image of what your garden room will look like. This 3D image will be able to show you the interior and exterior through a visualisation and allow you to really refine the design until it is just right.
  • Step 4: Detailed Design – Once the concept design is approved, our team will work with the information provided to come up with the final specifications and drawings. We can then present them to you, showcasing all the features and more so you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • Step 5: The Build – Now everything is finalised, the building process can begin. This involves constructing the garden room off-site, and preparing the area, before installation. Once done, the designer will carry out a full inspection with you and make sure everything is perfect in your own unique garden room.
bespoke garden room

Benefits of a Bespoke Garden Room

There are many benefits to having a bespoke garden room placed in your outside space, and here are five key ones:

You Get a Unique Space

One thing our customers love about our bespoke service, is that the garden room they have installed is something completely unique to them.

It is one of a kind and has been built to suit the customer’s vision, and their property, perfectly.

This means that any shape or design can be worked with to complement the architecture and style of your home and garden.

It is also a personalised design and allows you to showcase your own style preferences and design ideas which can make it a really special place for you.

It is Made to Function Just as You Want it to

One of the first questions we will ask in our initial consultation is what do you want to use your garden building for?

The answer will tailor how your garden room is designed.

If you would like to use it as a home office for example, it will probably look much different to if you wanted somewhere to entertain.

Different uses for garden rooms require different designs and features, and these will be taken into account to provide you with the perfect platform to create the ideal place for you.

If you want an annex, furniture such as beds will be thought about when designing a layout, for example.

The aim is to create a final product that fits the purpose perfectly, no matter what the purpose is.

Increased Property Value

Having a bespoke garden room can add a lot of value onto your home.

The reason this is such a valid point with a bespoke offering, is that it will be a huge selling point to potential buyers who have the same hobbies or requirements as you.

For example, if you love exercising, and a bodybuilder turns up to view your property, being able to show them a custom-built gym in the back garden where they can exercise without need for a gym membership will be a huge plus.

Leading experts estimate a garden room can add 1.5 times their value onto a property, and this figure will be higher with a high-quality, bespoke building.

This makes a bespoke garden room not just great for you right now, but also a great investment.

Versatile Options

No customer is the same, and the same applies for gardens.

When we come to look at your home, you may have an odd-shaped outside area. You may have acres of space, or a small patch of grass. Your garden may be square, or it may lead to a point.

With a bespoke garden room, you are choosing a versatile option that will be made to fit in the best location possible.

Whether it needs to be oddly shaped, or whether the windows need to be moved to allow more natural light in, this can be arranged.

Because you are a key part of the design process, you can also create somewhere that is versatile when it comes to its uses.

Want somewhere you can work during the day and exercise during the night? No problem.

High Quality Builds

We go to every length to ensure all garden rooms we install for our customers are exactly what they envisioned at the start of the process.

We work with leading architectural agencies to ensure stunning designs and innovative ideas.

Not only that, but we only use the finest quality materials. Our steel framed bespoke garden rooms are built to last and always be comfortable.

Important features such as insulation and ventilation are always at the front of our minds as we design your garden room to be the perfect environment you need it to be.

No-one wants to be typing away in a freezing cold room, or performing a workout in sweltering heat, so by choosing a bespoke garden room that has been designed with comfort at the forefront of the designer’s mind, you’re sure to get something high quality and worth every penny.

bespoke garden room

Bespoke Garden Rooms from InFrame

If you would like a bespoke garden room installed in your garden room, why not start the process today by getting in touch with InFrame Garden Rooms.

We have expert designers and engineers who can help bring your dream garden room to life.

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