Why You Should Choose a Garden Room Over an Extension to Your Home

In a recent survey, half of Brits said that they would benefit from having a bigger house.

While the desire for more space is common amongst us, our options for a long time have seemed limited.

Either you move home and face the ordeal of packing up your things and finding somewhere new, or you get an extension.

In the last decade or so though, a third option has become more common.

Garden rooms are now seen as a favourable choice compared to an extension by many people, and here are some reasons why from InFrame Garden Rooms.

Let’s take a look.

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Reasons a Garden Room is a Better Choice Than an Extension

It Costs Less

The first key advantage of getting a garden room installed is that it generally costs less than adding an extension to your home.

While a luxury extension can cost around £75,000, a high quality garden room will often cost less than this.

The reason a garden room is often more expensive is that it doesn’t require the same level of groundwork to prepare for the build. There’s no labour needed to create space for the extension and attach it to your property.

Due to the lack of structural changes needed, and the time it can take for a professional team to get your garden room installed, the costs can be lower and this makes it an attractive option for many.

While both will increase the value of your home, the whole value isn’t always added with an extension due to the fact you are increasing the size of an existing room, rather than creating a whole new one like you can do with a garden room.

You May Not Need Planning Permission

While with both an extension and a garden room, there are stipulations which may mean your build doesn’t require planning permission.

While you are likely to need planning permission with a big extension, this is much easier to avoid with a garden room.

When having a conversation with a garden room installation team, they will be able to talk you through the options and make sure that the garden room you desire will be okay to build without planning permission requirements.

This may have an effect on the size, location, and uses of the building.

Many garden rooms are used as offices and gyms, and these are classed as incidental garden rooms and therefore is not seen as liveable garden space so will not require planning permission.

It’s a Versatile Option

While an extension may just involve making a single room bigger, a garden room is much more versatile.

There are many different uses for your garden building. From using it as an annex where someone can stay, to installing a bar and using it as a place to socialise.

While an extension can be put to different uses, there isn’t always the option to really make it a place solely dedicated to your desire.

For example, if you are extending a downstairs room, you may be making your kitchen, or your dining room bigger.

If you need space to work, this may not be the best option for you. A garden room on the other hand can be designed with nothing but creating the perfect workspace in mind.

With a bespoke garden room you get a flexible space that can be used for a variety of purposes and that can be a great choice for someone looking for something unique and functional.

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You Get More Natural Light

One of the great benefits of a garden room is that they are often flooded with natural light.

Not only are they outside and often placed in the perfect location to make the most of the sunlight, but they also often are built with large windows and in many cases, such as many of the InFrame garden buildings we create, with bifold doors.

Natural light has many benefits, both physically and mentally, and whether you’re working, exercising, or relaxing, the feel of the warm sun on your skin is always welcome.

While an extension can get natural light, due to the build of them and the fact they are attached to your main dwelling they don’t often get as much natural light as a garden room.

Speed and Ease of Construction

A big difference between garden rooms and extensions is the speed and ease of which they can be constructed and installed.

Our modular buildings can be designed and placed in your garden within the space of a few months, whereas an extension often takes longer and causes much more disruption.

If you are having an extension, a large portion of your home will be out of bounds for months while the work is being done. In many cases you may have to move out as you will be unable to use your kitchen or bathroom while work is being carried out on it.

With a garden room, it is very different, as the work takes place in your garden leaving your home unaffected and habitable throughout the build.

If you plan on getting an extension in the future, a garden room is a really handy place to store items and spend time while the work is being done, making it a win-win.

There is also minimal preparation with a garden room when compared to an extension, when walls and more may need to be removed before anything actually gets added.

Connection to Nature

For people who love being outside, a garden room is a happy medium between spending time in your home and in your garden.

With the aid of the large doors which can open wide, it is a great place to embrace your outside space and enjoy some fresh air.

It feels much different to an extension, which is simply an addition to your home and therefore will not have the same natural effects of a garden room.

Being surrounded by your garden can provide you with a real sense of tranquillity and peace, and spending time in a bright and airy space away from your home is a great way of feeling like you’re getting away from things for a while and you’re spending time outside, despite being in a garden building.

A Quiet Spot Without Disruption

Because a garden room is built separately from your main house, there is much less disruption when you’re in there, which is one of the reason the popularity of garden offices is increasing so rapidly.

If you need a garden gym, office, or annex, having a bit of peace and quiet where you can get away from things for a while is a big benefit.

This is something an extension can’t offer, as you are still attached to the main property and therefore will still here the noises of everyone inside it.

If you are using your garden room as somewhere to sleep, then this is ideal, and you’re sure to get a great nights sleep without any noises to wake you up during the night.

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Garden Rooms from InFrame

If you are deciding between an extension or a garden room, then why not get in touch with our team and here why we think a garden room could be perfect for you.

It’s quicker to build with less disruption and can provide many benefits that an extension doesn’t.

We have a range of designs and can build a bespoke garden room unique to you, so don’t hesitate to speak to our team today and hear about out latest offers.

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