Garden Room Design Ideas for Five Common Uses

Designing a garden room is tricky.

There are many things to consider. From where you are going to place the structure, to how you want it to feel and look inside.

One of the key considerations is just what you will be using the garden room for.

Many people have garden buildings for different reasons. Including working from home, getting a spot of exercise in, or simply having somewhere to relax.

In this guide, we’re going to look at five of the most common uses and provide some garden room design ideas so you can make the most of your space.

Let’s take a look.

Popular Rooms Uses

A garden room, especially a bespoke one which has been custom-made, can perform any function the customer desires.

Garden rooms have jumped in popularity over the last few years, and with this surge in installations has come a wide variety of new, exciting uses.

A very common use is as somewhere to work.

This doesn’t mean sitting at a desk though, although this is a common use, but it can also be used as a commercial building for someone who may be a hairdresser, or dog groomer for example.

Garden rooms are also popular to help with a hobby. Whether you’re into pumping iron or painting, a garden room can be a great space to get some private time away from any distractions and to enjoy yourself.

You can use a garden room to entertain guests, to provide an extra space for someone to sleep, or as a relaxing area where you catch your breath and chill out every now and then.

If we listed all of the uses for a garden room in this blog, it would be never-ending, and that’s why we’ve chosen five of the most popular amongst our customers and provided some great garden room design ideas for each.

Garden Room Design Ideas

Home Office or Studio

If you are planning on using your garden room as a workspace, then there are some things you have to take into account when designing your garden office.

What you need while working is to be in a comfortable, distraction-free environment, so think about this when choosing the location and layout of your structure.

Something that is key is natural lighting. This has many benefits when it comes to mental and physical health. It boosts vitamin D intake, can help fight anxiety and depression, and also creates a relaxing environment to work in.

This is a key consideration when choosing the layout of your garden room, as you will want to place your workspace somewhere that gets plenty of light and is well ventilated.

The features you add into your garden office are also important, and making sure you have a comfortable chair and also some personal touches and decorations to liven the place up can make you feel much more at ease and productive whilst working.

inframe garden room annex

Garden Annex

When it comes to a garden annex, you need somewhere that is packed full of all the features someone needs to live comfortably.

This is when choosing your layout and shape of your garden room becomes so important. You will want to have a decent sized garden building to get all necessary features in, so finding the ideal location where you can really maximise space is important.

Also, the interior requires a lot of thought. Do you want separate areas partitioned off or for it to be open plan? You will need space for a bed (fold away options are great at saving space) as well as plumbing for a toilet and shower if required.

A garden annex should also be a private space, so make sure you have areas that allow a degree of privacy.

And finally, no-one wants to hear noises all night while they try and sleep, so make sure your garden room has good insulation to drown out noise and also to keep the garden room feeling a good temperature.

Once you have these essentials, you can fill the garden annex with comfortable furniture and decorate it in relaxing and calm tones such as blues and greens.

garden gym

Garden Gym Room

Turning a garden room into a home gym is a popular option for people who want to avoid costly monthly memberships and long commutes.

It is best to start with a large space, to provide you with room for your equipment and also allow you the freedom of movement you need to exercise.

Depending on your needs, your garden gym room will differ in size (some people just want a treadmill and nothing else, and some may want a much more comprehensive set up) but there are some things that are vital.

Choosing the flooring material so it is durable and non-slip is a good way of avoiding injuries and damage to your floor. It may be getting heavy weights placed on it and it needs to be ready for that, so make sure it is tough enough to handle it.

Gyms can also get loud, so again, making sure there is a degree of soundproofing can be a big plus.

The interior of your garden gym room is important to your workouts. Try incorporate some entertainment such as a television or speakers so you can keep your mind occupied while working out.

Also, adding storage for things like sweat towels and exercise equipment is always a good choice.

If you have the space and the budget, a shower is also a great addition to any garden gym room and provides a quick space to get clean away from your main dwelling.

home bar bottles

Garden Bar

If you are someone who loves hosting parties but struggles with space inside your home, then a garden bar could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

These are another popular choice and come in many different designs.

You can go traditional and try and make it look like a pub, or you can design it to be a cocktail bar. The possibilities are endless.

There are some key design considerations though.

A garden bar needs to be comfortable and visually appealing, so firstly think of furniture. You need some seating to provide somewhere for people to relax.

Lighting is another important consideration. A garden bar requires a certain ambience to make it feel like a place you want to hang out with friends, so adding lighting that makes it feel cosy on a night, and having plenty of natural lighting during the day is important.

You’re going to also want some entertainment, such as a TV to watch the latest football match on for example, or a sound system to play your favourite music.

Many people have an image of their ideal garden bar, whether it’s traditional or more modern, and as long as you keep things comfortable with a cosy atmosphere and plenty of space to relax in, you’re sure to get a place you love.

garden games room

Garden Games Room

The final popular use is a games room.

This is the ideal way to move a lot of toys and other play equipment out of your home and into a garden building.

A games room is a great place for children and adults alike to have a bit of fun, so they make a great addition to any home.

With a games room, you will want a place that is bright and vibrant, with plenty of space to spread out and have a good play.

Add in some comfy seating such as bean bags and a table that you can play board games on, as well as a television that you can hook up to a games console to cover all bases.

Focus on natural lighting to keep things nice and bright during the day. It’s also a great idea to make the inside of the garden games room visible from the main dwelling, so you can keep an eye on the kids to make sure they aren’t getting up to mischief.

The size of your game room depends on the purpose. If you plan on socialising in it also, it may be better to go larger and split the room into zones.

And finally, don’t forget about storage. Add some shelves or cupboards in which you can keep all of your toys and games, so it is clutter free when not in use.

Garden Room Design for All Uses from InFrame

If you are planning on installing a garden room for one of the above uses, or any other use, then why not get in touch with InFrame.

Our team of designers can work with you to help develop a plan for the perfect outside buildings.

We offer a bespoke service in which we can create a unique garden room just for you, so whether you want to work, exercise, play, sleep, or more, we can build the ideal environment for you to do it in.

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